DeMoog Leather Cream

DeMoog Leather Cream is a light-thick cream with extra beeswax which provides superior waterproofing without heavy waxes. Ideal for DeMoog ties, Nu Windsors, belts. DeMoog Leather Cream will thoroughly condition and waterproof without sacrificing breathability.


Ingredients: A specially formulated blend of lipids, natural seed, oils, and beeswax. Regular use will restore, protect and waterproof your leather products.


How to use: Apply to dry leather after cleaning. Use a soft cloth to apply a thin coat and allow the Cream to penetrate into the leather. Work into the leather and seams in small circular motions for deep conditioning & waterproofing.


Color Sealing: the beeswax in the product is a waterproofer that not only keeps water out but also lessens the seepage of color coming from the leather since it is a natural sealant.  



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