About us

The beginning
DeMoog started with a simple idea: to make an elegant gift to the Republic of Estonia for its 100th birthday. Who has lived to be a century old, has seen the beauty of true gentlemanhood and lived to tell the tale. Naturally a gift to such a recipient had to be dignified and respectful.Getting ready for a party one night, there it was – suit on, shoes on, but no tie special enough to complete the set. With plenty of ties in the wardrobe, we missed the One to accentuate the style. This was the moment DeMoog and its first, Nu Windsor tie knot accessory, were born.
After that fateful evening in 2016, DeMoog has become a steady part of our family. Thus, it is only appropriate that our design house got its name by combining the initials of our two children, Olivia-Marii and Otto-Georg. Welcome to be a part of our dream!
Lauri & Meelika


Above all, the brand DeMoog signifies durability, longevity and sustainability. DeMoog only uses the most carefully sourced materials.

Our animal leather comes from a Swedish farm that is over 150 years old. The small scratches you might notice on our leather come from real bushes and branches – a proof that these animals enjoyed a free life on Swedish fields. Our other, even more exclusive material is produced right here in Estonia. Although it reminds us of tales of dragons and scales, the mystical material is pure fish skin. The animal leather and fish skin are both leftovers from the food industry.

Because we do everything by hand, our small team of craftsmen is extremely careful to use even the smallest leftovers for leather details. We cut, sow, polish and wax everything by hand to make sure every piece has a beautiful finish and a singular character.


DeMoog is a companion for the gentleman who knows what is important in life. Everything fades except for what one leaves behind – that is, values, principles, and family.
DeMoog creates items that will stand the test of time. Every single piece is designed to be passed down for generations, from grandfather to grandchild, from father to son. All our leather products will gracefully mature together with the men who wear them.