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Timeless. DeMoog’s skillful craftsmen use only the highest quality leather, produced in Estonia and Swede. This is why our products are resistant to time and have a special character to them. Just like jewelry that was given to your grandmother decades ago, DeMoog’s products will remain in the family of the new owner for generations to come. Always in fashion, always practical.

Personalized. Whether you would like to add your husband’s initials to our bowtie, your company’s logo to Nu Windsor or a timeless quote to the laptop sleeve, we will make sure your product is unforgettable.

Bespoke. Be it a keychain or some leather book covers, we are here to make your ideas into reality. We make sure to find the best and the cleverest solution.

Interactive. Leather takes by its master. Whether you have a small or a large company, we conduct special workshops where every single one can craft some leather goods according to their own taste.

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